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  • Specifications

    • 8 Channel mixing console with two stereo channels

    a nd a separate stereo tape channel

    • Separate input JACK controls for mix and

    line input on all mono channels

    • Low-noise, discrete mic preamplifiers

    on all microphone inputs

    • Dedicated inserts on all mono channels

    • Balanced ¼” stereo jacks and balance

    controls on all stereo channels

    • Separate stereo tape channel with ¼” and RCA jacks

    • Stereo output for recording applications

    • Active 3-band EQ on stereo channels

    • AUX and effects paths as well as separate

    gain controls on all channels

    • AUX Send controls in the main section

    for optimal level adjustment

    • Headphone output with dedicated volume control

    • Built-in +48V phantom power for condenser mics

    • Mp3 input and playback

    • 99DSP Digital Multi Effects (Optional 16 DSP Effects)

    • Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 Kg)