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High Performance Sealed Enclosure  

Frequency Response: 23-900Hz  

Dual 2 Ohms Impedance  

Construted of High Grade MDF  

328mm (H) x 430mm (D) x 696mm (L) 

12.9” (H) x 16.9” x (D) x 27.4” (L)



2Channel Power Amplifier  

Built-in variable high pass & low pass crossover  

RCA line input/output jacks  

Electronic protection circuitry to project the amplifier from Short Circuit, DC offset & Thermal Overload.  

Remote Sub-woofer volume control  

55mm (H) x 176mm (D) x 260mm (L)  

2.2” (H) x 7” x (D) x 10.2” (L)



Amplifier Installation Kit  

17 Ft. 2 RCA plugs to 2 RCA plugs with signal wire  

17 Ft. 10 AWG red primary wire, 3 Ft. 10 AWG black primary wire  

30 AMP ATC Fuse, 10 AWG Fuse Holder  

Gold Ring Terminal red color, Gold ring terminal black color  

Gold plate spade terminal black color, Gold plated spade terminal red color  

But splices 2Pcs, 10 Assorted cable ties, 3 Ft, split    loom tubin