ATVP - Portable Vehicle Speakers


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Product Information:

The ATVP "All Terrain Vehicle" series speaker is an all in one self-amplified speaker system built for a variety of vehicle applications including ATVs, Jet skis, Golf carts, aluminum boats, and any other water or off-road vehicle that contains a battery to source its power from.

Built to withstand all water so you don't have to worry about any type of water damage from using it in water environments such as the ocean, or lake.

Contains a bluetooth wireless connection capability which allows one to connect into any cellular phone or tablet in order to stream your favorite music wirelessly.

Contains a 3.5mm audio input in case you would like to connect your audio device directly ito the ATVP system.

Contains our "Quick disconnect" technology which allows to easily connect & disconnect the battery leads through one single connection coupler which easily pops off, and can then allow one to carry the ATVP away with you, which can be a great convenient security meausre for not leaving the ATVP unattended when not being used.

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